The Comprehensive and Concise PC Based Information Security Manual 

The Interactive Security Manual



The Security Structure
Duties & Responsibilities
Security Policies
Data Classification
Advice and Guidance
Access Authorization
Administrative Functions
Risk Assessment
Laptop Security
Emergency Amendments
Audit & Compliance
Continuity Planning
Human Resource Issues
Security Incidents
The Security Glossary
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Information Security Manual

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Information Security Manual




The Invaluable Aid for the Information Security Manager



The person (or persons) charged with managing and addressing security carries a significant and potentially critical responsibility. This applies equally whether the organization is 5 person or 50,000 person strong.

Establish a formalized structure for the information security processes, and applying standard security techniques where required, is far from a trivial task. The scope of responsibility can indeed be extensive. Everything from risk assessment to the implementation of security policies, from human resource issues to the definition of security duties, must be embraced and managed.

However, much of the burden and difficulty can be eased considerably, via reference to expert advice and guidance.


 Security Manual  The Interactive Security Manual

There is no doubt that this is a remarkable PC based knowledge system. It can be downloaded and quickly installed on your PC to provide a ready reference covering a vast array of security issues. 


It can be read in sequence, or specific items and topics can be identified by using the contents tree or search facilities.


The whole spectrum of issues is covered. At the highest level these include:


Establishing a Formalized Information Security Structure

Obtaining Advice and Guidance

Information Security Policies

Preparing and Classifying Information and Data

Access Authorization

Duties and Responsibilities of the ISO

Administrative Functions of the ISO

Information Security Risk Assessment

Reducing Risks Associated with Laptop / Portable Computers

Managing Emergency Data Amendments Safely

Information Security Audit and Compliance

Managing the Business Continuity Planning Process

Dealing with Information Security Issues in Personnel / Human Resources

Handling Information Security Incidents

A Comprehensive Security Glossary

Each of these unfolds into an array of sub-topics, explanations, tips and advisory notes. It is very much the 'how to' of information and computer security.


 Computer Security Manual  Navigation

The navigation system is extensive, yet is designed to offer absolute simplicity of use. In addition to content tree, index and favorite tags, a system search box is offered - simply enter the topic or issue at hand and the relevant pages will be offered. 





Click and point technology is used throughout, with related topics are also available via internet type linking (just click to jump to them). Alternative, to read logically to the next page, simply click the forward arrow provided.


It couldn't be easier - the objective is to place the information you need at your fingertips as quickly and easily as possible. 



 Security Manual  Content

The sheer volume of content is extraordinary. Hundreds of pages of top quality advice are made instantly available for consultation. This is not designed just for a one-off read, but for the busy practitioner - for ongoing reference and use.  



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